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Friday, July 29, 2005

Buzz, buzz!

News, news! Lots and lots of news... Firstly, the home of Ellen Nussey, Charlotte's close friend, is up for sale. Pity I have barely enough to cover my textbooks for next semester, and really can't afford to live there. But we can all check out the link for free, and be jealous: http://www.yorkshiretoday.co.uk/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID=55&ArticleID=1093385

Also, it appears that July is international Read Villette month, or something. A surprising number of my friends are reading Villette right now. It's very surprising! Once again, I am glad there is such a thing as the internet... None of my friends in town have even read Jane Eyre. The other day I managed to get my mother to read some of Villette. She has not read a word of Jane Eyre. We were talking about how she used to live off of her reading, and I remarked that she didn't read at all anymore, and handed her one of my antique editions of Villette from the 20s.

"What's this?" she said.
"My second favourite book."
"It's French!"
"...Not all of it!"

And that was the end of that. But she read some of it! That's... progress.

One last word- it seems that the Radio JE post has posted correctly, but the one after that was erased entirely! I can't explain it, but that worries me. I still haven't mastered blogger. Well, I am extremely tired, and so I will leave you. Now, go and read Villette while there is still time!


Glaukôpis said...

Haha! I'm wondering if my readers will notice how excessively I use "dear readers." ;-)

I also think I actually learn some bit of French when reading CB. I've been able to pick some of it up without reading the footnotes! It's nice.

Brontëana said...

haha! I didn't notice!! Oh dear... This is terrible. I must be slipping. Surely, I haven't been immersing myself in JE enough lately. :(

We talked about the French a little in a class I took. Basically we discussed how she is writing for people who don't know French. And we didn't come up with anything sophisticated on that point, but it was fun. It makes me happy, since I can actually read the French quite well, and this reminds me that I did take 13 years of it... Even if I can't seem to use it now. It must still be in there somewhere!