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Monday, October 10, 2005

A little bit of everything, it seems!

More news on the musical, thanks to the heads-up from BrontëBlog. The University of Maryland's independent student newspaper, Diamondback, has published this article on the university's production of Jane Eyre. BrontëBlog also has this nice post, commenting on the article. Among other things, they point out that Mr Rochester has a fan base. I don't really know the purpose for fanlistings but they are everywhere nowadays, and Brontëdom is no exception! Here are a few:

La Governante (Jane Eyre) [link not working at the moment]
Plain and Passionate (Jane Eyre)
Con Spirito (Mr Rochester)
Bronte Sisters

I used to have links for listings of the other sisters and their works as well but they all seem to have disappeared.

Also mentioned in the commentary is the score of the musical. Clips of the Broadway version of which can be listened to here, and the out of print Toronto cast highlights album can be heard in full here.

Lastly, I finally have an email address for Brontëana! Questions, requests, and contributions may be sent to bronteana.blog@gmail.com

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