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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Brontë Sisters Links

This resource is truly amazing- a labour of love comprising aproximately 3 000 links to websites, articles, etc. all about the Brontës. The list dates all the way back to March 15th, 2005! And I see that there have been 337 links added this week alone. For easy reference here, I've listed them according to their subdivisions but (as soon as I work up the courage to tamper with my links list again- doing so has deleted posts on Brontëana in the past!) the group's main page will recieve its own place of honour on the Brontëana links list.

The Links:

About the Victorian Era (570 links)
About the Brontes (1230 links)
Rev. Patrick Bronte
Maria Branwell
Maria and Elizabeth Bronte
Charlotte Bronte
Branwell Bronte (Patrick Branwell Bronte)
Emily Bronte (Emily Jane Bronte)
Anne Bronte
Elizabeth Branwell
Relations of the Brontes
Rev. Arthur Bell Nicholls
Friends of the Brontes
Bronte places

Photo is of the Bronte waterfall, taken by Martha, the list owner. I've scare seen anything more lovely! Thank you for sharing this treasure with us! :)


mysticgypsy said...

Thank you soo much for the links!!!!
I never knew most so much about the Brontes was out there!!! OMG I am so excited!!! Definitly gonna keep me engaged!!

Anonymous said...

to Bronteana:

Wow! didn´t expect such
praise, thank you for
your kind words! :-)))
(oh, I wish I already had
3000 links on the page
So far, I´ve gathered
1240 links about the
Brontes and 640 links
about the Victorian Era).

Thanks again!


to mysticgypsy:

I´m delighted that you
enjoyed your visit to the
site :-))