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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It is always a good idea to write things down once you have thought of something. It has taken me many years to get over my horror of writing in books. It still horrifies me, but now I have certain copies devoted to scribbling my observations in. It is hard to lose track of them this way. Previously I wrote my commentaries on separate sheets. I have lost most of these, and other times the notes loose their meaning. I often draw pictures of what I want to express in my essay as well. These are also very... interesting afterwards.

I came across an interesting note, which would have been completely forgotten if not for a quirkly turn of events last semester- and indeed, this one. The publisher I study with invited us to write poetry for a book we are publishing. The bulk of the manuscript is from another class, and it is not necessary for us to write something ourselves. I had decided not to give it a try, but today he passed around a book of photographs which inspired me so strongly that I went home and wrote two and a half drafts. I wrote them in a certain notebook I have. The first time I used it was last semester. After I took a class on the Brontes, the following semester I studied Restoration literature including a work by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. The coursework demanded a 10 research paper. At that point in the year I did not feel that I had another research paper in me. Something prompted me to suggest an alternative. I ended up writing the research paper in verse.

I had forgotten that I also jotted notes down in the process of writing the poem. When I finished writing today, I flipped back and found them tucked in the back of the poem (perhaps it was for revision? I don't remember why I wrote it). Anyway, the interesting point is the last:

'Rochester's seduction of Anne Temple'

This is puzzling for more than one reason! Not only did I not write about Miss Temple, it further deepens the mystery of just what is going on between Wilmot and Mr Rochester. Sadly, I have no more notes- or at least I cannot find them! I recall reading about her, but I cannot remember any of the details of their relationship.

Another Brontean note about this notebook of mine? I've written a few inspirational notes on the inside covers. On the back I've inscribed the 'lamps' of Monsieur Heger, although I have never given them a try. I ought to someday!


Anonymous said...

well Bronteana, that is
what I found:

Memoirs of Count de
Grammont CHAPTER IX.
He wrote about
Wilmot`s dealings with
(scroll down the page till
you get to the link "Miss

Miss Eyre

Anonymous said...

heavens I forgot to post
the link LOL - it´s been
a long day...