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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Brontë gifts and Random Acts of Brontë

What do you get for the Brontë enthusiast who has everything? How about a reconstituted marble or bronze resin portrait medallion of Charlotte Brontë?
I think Charlotte would be amused at her portrait looking so fiercely across at that of Byron (where's Thackeray, hum? ...Or is he too ugly to have his face up on someone's faux marble wall decoration?). I'm not sure what I would do with a reconstituted marble or bronze resin portrait medallion of Charlotte. Strangely, enough, the idea of surreptitiously affixing them to the local libraries comes to mind (they have such things for Dickens and several American authors, I've noticed...). When I was an art major they would call such acts 'guerrila art'. I prefer random acts of Bronte. Now, there's an idea! ;)

Now I definately have to initiate official 'Random acts of Bronte' in my hometown to aid in the struggle to raise their profile here. Several local poets are involved in a similar Canada-wide project at the moment. I took part in it, randomly which is the point more or less. It is called Random Acts of Poetry. Poets travel the land, stopping random people they meet and reciting poetry to them. I had a poet recite a poem to me, and then recieved a signed book of poems for being such a good sport. Why not go, all of you- all of us, and do the same with your favourite passages from the Bronte novels? With entire poems? I really must do this- it is my calling I think ;) I feel a website coming on- I can see it now...

Got a little off topic there. I also bring to your attention this lovely CD with music from The Brontës ballet! You can order it directly from this link!

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