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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stop that! ...It's silly!

I think this is the first full-length musical parody I've come across. Jane Eyre the Musical 'Decomposed' It's very cute. There have also been many fan fiction parodies of the novel, of course. Some of these have since vanished. The only one I have on hand, in fact, is my own. I think I have mentioned it before. There is a story called 'Whose Lair is it Anyway?' in which all of the various representations of Christine Daae and Erik from Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera appear in the same place at the same time. A friend challenged me to do with same with Jane Eyre- especially since I have seen an obscene number of JE adaptations! Only I know how many.. actually, I don't even know how many. I call it 'Something Betweeny in the County ___shire". Some excerpts from the latest installments:

“Name’s Rochester, Dalton!Rochester.” Nods all around. “I’ve plans of Thornfield Hall on a microfilm in the bronze pin of my cravat.” He removed this item and carefully inserted it into his shoe. It beeped quietly. He continued his speech while he walked over to one of the horses. “There has been a lot of interest lately in biscuits and brandy-” he gingerly tapped the pommel of his horse’s saddle and continued talking while part of the back and haunches of the animal made a smart ‘click’ and flipped up to reveal a row of twinkling indicator lights, a turntable and a monitor.

I must confess that writing for Orson Wells-Rochester was so much fun!

"The what?!" Gasped the deep-chested man, only the gasp betraying his heightened agitation... his eyes already staring as wildly as humanly possible. It was difficult to discern what this outburst portended. Jayston!Rochester certainly didn't know.

"The British Broadcasting Corporation. Sir, why is your cloak still stirring- there's no wind-"

"Never ask about that!" Thundered the staring man, before calming again. "Never... never ask about that. It is too awful."

"Is it?" Jayston!Rochester shook his head after taking one glance at the flapping cloak. "Ah, you're Mr. Welles."

All of them are fun- the Janes as well, especially Bruce-Jane who is "teh crazypants" as they say.

"Nyrrrrrrrrrrraaaaah!" He whirled around just in time to catch Bruce!Jane in mid-air, in mid-pounce. She knocked him to the ground, knocking the wind out of him in the process but he soon recovered. Somehow he managed to meet her attack but not before she had planted a heavy right into him between his head and shoulders.

"Good Lord!" exclaimed Welles!Rochester. "It's Gateshead all over again!" Desperate was the struggle. Several times Hinds!Rochester managed to wrestle her into a bear hug as she muttered something incomprehensible in her rage- something like 'buz-za-puh!'. Once he was whipped in the eye by one of her curls, but lucky for him he had closed his eyes in time.

The others were just as fun to write for, don't get me wrong!

"It's fear- poor man's terrified out of his wits by that titaness yonder- a veritable daughter of Lilith and the most pernicious of primordial giants."

"What a lovely voice you have!"

"I'm from the Shakespearian stage."


ThisbeCiel said...

OMG that JE decomposed was terrific! Loved it!

More 'Betweenity'! More 'Betweenity'! ;)

Brontëana said...

It was cute, wasn't it? But they missed all of the apricot jokes! Those are so obvious... Ah well.

Okay, okay! I do have quite a lot of time on my hands now that my papers are done. The two exams I have should be easy enough. Just some sight passages, and a few essays that I can prepare outlines for. That should leave me lots of time to procrastinate ;)

ThisbeCiel said...

The apricot jokes are only for the initiated- not for the common masses. *nods sagely* :D

Yayyyy!! The suspense is awful, ya' know- what is waiting for them back at Thornfield, what is scary!Rochester going to do, and where did the Froot Loops go? ;)