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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Brontëana is News!

Thanks to 'Curious' for this very curious bit of news! Brontëana has been mentioned, briefly, in the most recent edition of the Brontë Society Gazette:

From the "In Brief" section on page 7:

"Jane Eyre: The Musical closed in Toronto a decade ago, but is still a matter for discussion and dispute in certain circles. The Canadian undergraduate who runs the constantly interesting Bronteana website is currently gathering material on the show, which was panned by local critics for being 'bloated'."

If it wasn't for 'Curious' I would never have known. I am not a member of the society, and I have no idea where I would get a copy of the Gazette otherwise. I should probably thank Mr.Wilcocks at The Bronte Parsonage E-Magazine Blog as well. I have a feeling that he is responsible for this particular honour!


mysticgypsy said...

Yay Bronteana!!!!

frankengirl said...

Congratulations, Brontëana, for the well-deserved recognition!