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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Brontes in Film News, and Something Quirky

Thanks to BronteBlog for some news the past few days on foreign adaptations of Wuthering Heights. Today we are informed that an Italian mini-series of Wuthering Heights, called Cime Tempestose (2004). It is now also available in Spanish subtitles. And the better known French adaptation, Hurlevent has reappeared on the European market. See this Bronteblog post for more details on that.

This article from today's Independent Online Edition does not add to our knowledge on the 'New Jane Eyre' but the reference illustrates the point I made at the end of the previous post. We are getting conflicting news at this point, and that isn't unusual. Writers to the BBC are hearing that there is no such production and here we have a prominent BBC writer off-handedly mentioning his wife's work on 'the new Jane Eyre.' His wife, Sandy Welsh, is not credited with working on any adaptations of Jane Eyre, although she has worked on North and South. Her imdb page can he viewed here. I assume, then, that he means she is currently working on 'the new one'.

We now have quite a running list of strange references to films and books being 'Bronte like'. Previously, I mentioned Memoirs of a Geisha, Pride and Prejudice, and King Kong. Well, here we have another critic drawing parallels between Kong andHeathcliff. More intriguingly, adapting Wuthering Heights is the very first thing he suggests for the director's next challenge!

The last truly relevant thing in this post before I move onto the more tenuous and quirky news, another novel is being compared to the works of the Brontes. This time is a gothic novel, which doesn't really have much in common with the novels of the Brontes except for atmosphere.

I promised you quirky- and here's quirky. Meet, the Bronte Sisters: Australian surfers from Bronte beach, affectionately known as 'the Bronte Sisters.'

The things we can find on Google News!

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