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Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Moors are A-Callin'!

Someone has sent me another clip from a regional production of Jane Eyre presented as a musical. this is not to be confused with 'Jane Eyre: the Musical' by Paul Gordon and John Caird. This musical is by PatriciaYork and Jerry Williams. I have only heard two songs so far, and it is quite catchy if not entirely atmospherically sound, shall we say. I look forward to hearing the rest of it soon. So far I have heard two songs from the show. The first song is 'She Cannot Charm Him' which is, of course, Jane commenting on Blanche Ingram's failed attempts to woo Mr Rochester. My sources inform me that the show is rather close to the book in plot. All I can say is that it makes me smile in the same way that the 1857 play of Jane Eyre does- and there are a few similarities between that production and this musical. Dancing servants for one. They are featured in this second song, which I will call 'The Moors are A-Callin'' for lack of a better name. The entire production can be purchased on CD from here.

The song is set shortly after Jane has left Thornfield to visit her aunt. Before we get to Gateshead, however, the servants of Thornfield are reacting to some terrible weather by, what else? having a jig and a ol' song 'the Moors are a Callin'. understandibly, Mr Rochester is not impressed. In fact, he's such a wet blanket that they leave him to mope for a bit "what's he on about?" Well, a lot of things. I think the best way to express my first reaction other than "I LOVE IT!" is this little parody I wrote immediately after I listened to it for the first time (I often do this sort of thing. I always parody things I enjoy). I think this also illustrates the dangers of trying to forshadow the voice across the moors:

Servants: ooooooooooh, the moors are a callin'! Callin'! Callin'! Whee-ha! *dance*
Servant: Aye, laddie! Would ye like some dinner?
Mr Rochester: *pout* No. How is dinner going to help with this melancholy? *sniff*
Servants: *get even more cheery* What's wrong with him, eh? La la la!
Mr Rochester: I don't like my house, my soul hurts, my heart cannot trust, and it's raining all the time!
Servants: Wheeha!
Mr Rochester: Can I ever find a heart I can trust? Is there an Eden somewhere? I'm a gonna picket Heaven! That's right, God! I'm gonna sit outside and glower until you come out and feel sad like me! Just because! Rain, rain, rain. That's all we get here. When is the sun coming back? I don't think it ever will, John.
John: Well, sure now-
Mr Rochester: When will it come back? When will she come back? *cries*
Eliza: Mommy's dying! I've done my explication *leaves*
Aunt Reed: I have to EASE MY MIND BEFORE I DIE!
Jane: Hey, letter here, from my uncle, wha?
Aunt Reed: I hated you.
Jane: Oh. ...So, Eliza, how you do miss him. Yes, he is terribly missed.
Eliza: ...'She'. Are you crazy or something?
Jane: Oh?! Heh. No, I um.
Mr Rochester: And my tea is really weak.
Jane: Sorry- where were we?
Mr Rochester: And luke warm. I hate that.
Eliza: You just said my mom was male.
Jane: Oh, I didn't mean to- I
Mr Rochester: Did someone let the fire go out in the next room? I feel a draught.
Jane: It's just that...
Mr Rochester: Aw, Pilot! You've gnawed a hole in this slipper!
Jane: ...He won't ever STOP TALKING IN MY HEART!
Mr Rochester: I could use some soup right about now.
Mr Rochester: Pity, there isn't any. I live such a wretched life.
Jane: STOP!!!! Why won't you stop?!
Eliza: Okay, I'm out of here...
Jane: I fear I will never escape from his CONSTANT WHINNING!
Mr Rochester: I've worn out my moping chair! It was my favourite one too. Figures. *sigh*
Jane: And he'll always be there muttering complaints in my head. He'll always be there muttering complaints
Both: In my head. Where it Eden? I wish it would stop raining. Rain, rain, rain, all the time.
John: Miss Eyre is back! You make your own rainbows, Mr Rochester. YOU MAKE YOUR OWN RAINBOWS!
Mr Rochester: ...whazubuh?

Very silly, cheesy, but a lot of fun all the same!


rinabeana said...

Hee! I was actually listening to "The Moors are a-Callin" again this morning when I saw your post here. I'm totally addicted to it! I may have to order the CD...

Brontëana said...

Isn't it awful? I was listening to it all yesterday as well- it's insidious! No wonder Jane can't get him out of her head! I think Thisbeciel also found a photo of the dancing Thornfield servants! I am going to have to post this later.