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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Reader, I Married Him, by Michèle Roberts

I think I will just post the entirety of this review from The Guardian. Commentary just doesn't seem to add anything:

The only thing you can be certain of in this skittish comedy of menopausal lust and Italian cuisine is that the gun taken out of the wardrobe in chapter one will be fired before the heroine thinks of going back to her north London deli in chapter seven. The rest - whether three-times widowed Aurora is the Wife of Bath or a plump, mature Jane Eyre, whether the Brigandine nuns of Padenza are really a front for drug-smuggling, and just how far Michèle Roberts's escapist fantasy can stretch to accommodate knowing literary references - is left tantalisingly open until the final sentence. If you think Jungian synchronicity, then Aurora's journey to visit a radical-feminist-turned-mother-superior, which ends up with her bumping into her nagging stepmother, bedding an Armani-wearing priest and finding a possible fourth husband while eating delicious meals and pondering her Catholic upbringing, makes perfect, amusing sense. But it demands a leap of faith to believe in all the twists in Roberts's absurd plot. There will be plenty of doubting Thomases who take Aurora's line: "Ridiculous ... It's much too neat. Too many coincidences."

Okay, one bit of commentary. Jane Eyre and the Wife of Bath in the same sentence... More information on Michèle Roberts can be found here at her BBC profile. Reader, I Married Him is available here from Amazon.com.

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