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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some Reassuring Notes for North American fans of Jane Eyre 1973

I have retraced the news of the release of this production through the Brontëana archives (which need much re-structuring, I see) and I can tell you that it appears that the release dates for the DVD are:


Back in november, there is this post wherein I quoted a letter from the director of programing at Acorn Media, who stated that the dates at that time were still under discussion but that the production was to be released in North America and the UK. Soon afterwards, in december we have this post wherein I reported the news that the release date was May 8th. Thisbeciel, who recieved the initial notice from the director at Acorn Media, reminded me that the release date was May 8th. It appears now we have dates for the region 1 and 2 editions- although this isn't definate. It seems unlikely that the release date would have been moved up from May to April.

Let me also say, once again, what a great year 2006 will be for Brontë fans! In march Tenant of Wildfell Hall is coming out on DVD, in April and May we have Jane Eyre!

ETA: Somehow I consistently misread the date of the release. There is only one date, and that is MAY 8th, 2006.

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