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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jane Eyre's Chutes and Ladders

I know we were all wondering what was missing from out lives. And here it is! Jane Eyre's very own board game:

A Game For The Whole Family!

At last, the game that takes you to the great mansions and deserted moors of Charlotte Bronte's literary masterpiece! Jane Eyre's Chutes And Ladders is a wonderful game for all ages, a game that will teach youngsters all about loneliness, depression and the dangers of religious hypocrisy. Will you be the first to solve the mystery of Thornfield? Can you escape the horrors of Lowood and the claustrophobic memories of the Red Room? Excitement, romance and angst all await you in this exciting game!

Game includes board, spinner, four player markers, the Reed household, Lowood, the Thornfield mansion, the village of Morton, chestnut tree, deck of 20 Red Room cards, and deck of 20 Psychic Revelation cards. Edward Rochester's horse sold seperately.

Go to Gateshead, do not pass Millcote, do not collect 50 pounds from Mr Rochester...

Pity this isn't a real game!


mysticgypsy said...

How about:
"Includes 20 Red Room(s), and 20 Psychic Revelation(s). Edward Rochester's soul is sold seperately"


Brontëana said...

Why couldn't we have a timer or something? There could be a lightning (pardon the pun) repartee round, and if the timer goes off before you can get in a witty reply (as juged by the other players) Bertha pops out of a little door and sets all of your tokens on fire?

Actually this is reminding me of when a friend of mine from New York was Christmas shopping and she saw something called "Rochester in a Box". Her immediate reaction was that it had something to do with Mr Rochester- alas, it was only monopoly with streets from Rochester NY. But then her friend made a little Rochester doll for her and sent it in a box and that made everything right again.

rinabeana said...

Who the heck wants Rochester, NY in a box??? (I'm from upstate NY so I'm allowed to say this.)

By the way, I'd die if there was Jane Eyre Trivial Pursuit! Can you make an academic project out of that? (heh)

Brontëana said...

Rinabeana, I am very creative and I have a lot of creative friends. This is quite a dangerous post, actually... Remember, I got a pair of Jane Eyre finger puppets last year for my birthday? It would not surprise me if we got together and made one just because... because... we have to.

And only last week someone I know made a gingerbread House of Fame with a little gingerbread Chaucer and everything, so it isn't that unlikely ;)

rinabeana said...

It wasn't intended to be a dangerous suggestion! I know you're quite creative and capable of creating Jane Eyre TP (or even Brontë Pursuit). I'd love to have that game, though I wouldn't have anyone with whom to play! (heh)