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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Brontëana Resources: Albion and Marina, Villette.

Especially for Brontëana, Charlene has taken the time to transcribe one of Charlotte Brontë's Angrian tales- Albion and Marina. The e-text is now available on the Brontëana recource site and in the sidebar to the left. I have also made some substantial changes there. I'm working on the design elements but I have also made some progress with uploading the ridiculous number of images I have. There is now a page for illustrations of Villette from an early edition of the novel (I would guess early 1900s, from the style). I would prefer having a separate directory for each edition, since I have illustrations by more than one artist, but I am still trying to work this out.

These images of Villette were donated by Charlene as well.


mysticgypsy said...

I like Albion and Marina. It is one of Charlotte's earlier works but there is so much of her later works in this one. Not to mention ghost-women.
Incidentally I am also planning on writing a paper on this.

Brontëana said...

Really? You know, a lot of young Bronte scholars seem to be working on the Angrian tales. Charlene chose it because of its supposed connections with Jane Eyre.

Have you ever noticed just how many Edwards there are in Charlotte's little books? And then Edward and William Crimsworth- she can't leave them alone. I think they appear three times in the writings we have. (I just read 'Willie Ellin' which is a first draft of 'Emma' I suppose. Willie is actually William Crimsworth but of course The Professor wasn't published at that point...