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Friday, March 03, 2006

Emma Chapter Two

This morning I finished transcribing Charlotte Brontë's Emma. It is now available as one transcript, in a text file (it had been an html file), at the Brontëana Resource website. I am sorry to use the same image for two posts but when I thought of scanning the last page illustration I remembered that it might ruin the effect of the last words. As I transcribed this I realised that this edition is obviously American. I did not standardise any spelling although I did fix one punctuation error.

The book was published by Porter and Coates Philadelphia, and it is not dated. The illustrations are very similar to an edition of Longfellow that I have which is from the 1890s. Other books I have from the period show similar wear, although the title page of this book is remarkably clean and white which makes me think it wasn't as well read as the other volumes in the set... If I can get a digital cammera I will post an image of it- the pages here are too nicely tight to press on a scanner, I think. And I'm afraid of tearing the tissue covering the illustration on the fronticepiece.

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