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Friday, March 31, 2006

Update on Bronte Studies...

Well... I did get accepted to the Dalhousie program. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go. My mother and I live below the poverty line, and even getting to the school, several provinces away, is not within our means- not to mention housing and tuition. They've given me an unfunded offer, which effectively cuts any hope I had of being able to get something worked out to cover the cost. I will be remaining here, then, to continue my work for another year. There are several advantages, although my heart isn't here... It is very likely that I will be assisting our Victorian specialist with a bibliography on the female gothic which would include Jane Eyre, I imagine. The publisher I am studying with may try to fight her over this- he wants me on his editorial staff. The school is also offering me funding, and I can stay at home. This province also would cover my living expenses if things should go from bad to worse.

I ...would have prefered a rejection.


Liz said...

Oh dear, I am very sorry to hear that. The affording bit, not the acceptance part. Are there any scholarships you could benefit from? I wonder if the Parsonage will help. Maybe there are a few rich Brontephiles out there who can set up a regular payment!

Still, female gothic also sounds fun.

Brontëana said...

It is very frustrating... I would have qualified for a large government award except that my cumulative average is .5% too low, due to some rough times at home during my first year of study. It's a pity- it would have been more than enough! Most of the awards I've encountered are ethnic, or rely on my parents being in the military or police force etc, but I'm still looking.

My home university is really making it tempting to stay. I would rather work on a bibliography than teach a composition class! But Dalhousie is offering an MA course on film adaptations of Jane Austen (last year they did the Brontes!).

mysticgypsy said...

aww I am sorry to hear that. But don't give up hope. I am sure there will be a way.
Perhaps you could stay that extra year at your home University and raise your GPA (try taking "easier" classes?). And if the professors and staff at your home University would like you to stay, that is a good sign too. Your letters of recommendation might be stronger :)

Brontëana said...

Actually, this is my 'extra' year, mysticgypsy! I will certainly make up the average but I would have to defer my acceptance for a year, and I am not prepared to do that... unless it would be best.

I believe I had good letters, and I'm wierd enough for grad school. ;) I feel accomplished- Dalhousie only accepts 15 applicants! And yet, disappointed that I'll probably have to pass up this opportunity.

mysticgypsy said...

Despite the extra year, no, all is not lost. I'd suggest defering it if possible (Congrats for getting in!! You certainly ought to feel proud of yourself!) You never know what that extra year will bring :)