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Friday, April 28, 2006

Jane Eyre 1973 In Stock!

Surprise! I wasn't expecting it either, but Acorn Media- the company who first confirmed that the production would be released- has changed the DVD's status to 'in-stock' (and one very happy fan says she was notified today that her copy has been shipped). Astonishing, since it was supposed to be released in the US only in July, and June for the UK! But no complaining, now. The DVD can be ordered here.


Anonymous said...

Do you know, is it DVD region1 only, or is it for Region 2, too?

Brontëana said...

I believe Acorn is only selling the region 1 DVD (they specialise in making British programs available in N. America), but on this post you can find at least two companies taking pre-orders for the region 2 DVD:


Liz said...

Bah! Now I am jealous!

Mr R look jolly happy about it, doesn't he?

Brontëana said...

^_^ Yes, that's why I chose it. And well he should be! He has waited over 30 years!

This is from the scene just before Jane leaves for Gateshead. The usual proceedings are interrupted by Blanche coming in (since we don't see Jane interrupt them playing billiards). Mr Rochester is chuckling at Blanche, here, after she has left in a huff.

marK said...

Any word yet on the Run-time differences between the US and UK versions?

Brontëana said...

to Mark:

I have not been able to unravel the mystery yet (and thank you for the comparison of the two formats). I heard back from one of the sites taking pre-orders in the US, and they were not much help. They simply restated that their version is that length and made no effort to explain why the UK edition would be longer.

Mark said...

Acorn Media UK now lists the runtime as 247 minutes. Acorn Media US lists it as approx. 248 minutes.

Apparently somebody made a typo somewhere. Acorn has corrected it.

I also did a little calculating. The last BBC Pride and Prejudice was a six episode mini-series. Each episode is approx 50 minutes. If memory serves, the 1973 Jane Eyre was a five part mini-series. Five times fifty minutes is 250 minutes -- very close to the 247-248 minutes running time given by Acorn Media.

From that, we can infer that they kept their slicing and dicing to a minimum. Most certainly it will include the Lowood episode that had been deleted from the original PBS broadcast.

We will learn soon enough since I just got my email notification of shipment from Acorn.

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