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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jane Eyre 2006 Courtesy of North and South

Thanks are due to Thisbeciel for the tip that scans from an issue of Peak District Life featuring the BBC's new production of Jane Eyre, complete with these wonderful new pictures:

You can view the scans yourself here.

One excerpt: "Diederick Santer also describes the approach they are using, 'It's extremely passionate and full-blooded. It starts and ends in Jane's head and is about a young woman's physical journey, her sexual journey. It's passionate and beautiful. We're trying to get away from too clichéd a story about the Mills and Boon thing of the governess falling in love with the Lord of the Manor'."

A very special thank you to Monika for posting the article!

ETA: In fact, thanks to Monika for scanning and posting, Christina for finding and linking, Thisbeciel for linking the links and piccing the pics. I think that about covers it.


ThisbeCiel said...

Ahh nooes! Bronteblog found it! No credit to me!

Brontëana said...

I wouldn't have seen it otherwise! But I'll have to edit. Humidity is making me sloppy I think.

le_ssa said...

Im lovin' reading the article and looking at the pics. ^_^

marshalsea said...

Great pics and article!

thank you to bronteana and Polish forums!