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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

JE '73 Scans

I've scanned the covers and an insert from the US edition DVDs of Jane Eyre 1973 for you all. It is much easier for me than transcribing it, for on the back of each case there is a synopsis for each episode. The synopses are amusing because it is clear they are trying very hard to avoid letting several important plot points out. This leads to some strange wording such as this from episodes 2 and 3:

Part Two: Jane discovers that the prickly fallen horseman she helped on the road is none other than the master of the house. She thinks him even stranger after he quizzes her bluntly and blames her for spooking his horse. But strangest of all, Jane begins to hear maniac laughter and scratching noises that seem to be coming from the upper recesses of the house.

Part Three: Jane awakens the morning after the fire...

Wait, fire? What fire? ;) If you click on the images in this post you can see them full-sized and read each for yourself.

On the cover design: My first thought was that I know some people won't even buy this because it looks like Jane has red hair. This is ridiculous, but I think some of my readers know what I am talking about. In any case, Sorcha Cusack doesn't have red hair either, but they've decided to play with the saturation levels on her image for some reason (although Michael Jayston is as he should be). The power of this piece is still working its charm in my house. My mother, who refuses to read the book, and finds all of the adaptations difficult to concentrate on came over to watch some of it during the first episode. When John Reed confronts Jane she turned from across the room and kept saying: "What did he do? What is he doing?"

The inset images are of Jane meeting Mr Brocklehurst, Jane trying to sneak away before Mr Rochester sees her in the garden, and Jane with St. John Rivers.

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