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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Orson Welles and some Housekeeping

I was stranded at the university today. So after the committee meeting I fixed many of the index links on the side bar. All of the links will now, hopefully, take you to pages in the archives. There is a big 'however', however. I still have not made considerable progress in indexing all of the posts so many of the pages still only contain a handful of posts. Give it some time and I'll be up to date... but it will take a considerable amount of time to tag hundreds of posts. If anyone notices a broken link please inform me as soon as possible.

And, now for something familiar. As thisbeciel says, 'Orson Welles will play Mr Rochester at the drop of a hat' for, indeed, we now have at least four versions of Jane Eyre starring Mr. Welles: one film, and three radio adaptations. Here are two of them:

Campbell Playhouse
Mercury Summer Theater

Campbell Playhouse is an hour long production of Jane Eyre, the Mercury Summer Theater production is half an hour. At the beginning of the first one he has some sorry comments on Patrick Bronte, alas. These are both courtesy of Thisbeciel.

ETA: AppleJax writes that there is another, lost, radio adaptation of Jane Eyre with Orson Welles: Mercury Theatre on the Air, which aired September 18, 1938.


Liz said...

As I said on lero I’m not too impressed by the Mercury one, but the Campbell CHICKEN EAT CHICKEN version was very nice and Madeleine Carroll is lovely.

Brontëana said...

I do love the commercials in some of these older versions. The 1952 version has ads for a frost-free fridge, and an 'electionic clarifyer' for their new TV set. My computer is not co-operating at the moment so I'm having to wait on listening to these myself.