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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Charlotte Bronte's Descendents to Attend Premiere of Jane Eyre

Oh, good grief.

Bronteana reader Agnes points us to this 'interesting' article about the Blackpool production of Jane Eyre: The Musical- which I think has certainly taken the prize for most error-ridden publicity as far as the musical is concerned. Our last post about the production highlighted some of these errors including its claim of being the UK premiere, and a claim that the show is 'new' and 'direct from Broadway.' But, this really beats all:

Premier Theatre Company, who are to staging Jane Eyre The Musical at Blackpool Grand Theatre next week have revealed that two descendants of the writer Charlotte Bronte are to attend the opening night gala performance on Tuesday, June 27
Out of the three known surviving descendants of Charlotte Bronte, Carol Bronte and Dr Patrick Bronte-Hearne have accepted the company's invitation to attend the opening of this premiere.

Just so everyone is clear on this: the Bronte sisters left no descendents. No descendents. None. Not a one. They don't exist. Carol Bronte does exist. Her picture is on this earlier Bronteana post when the family got together to fete the publication of a book about Patrick Bronte earlier this year. But perhaps more annoying is that there are relatives of the Brontes- and quite more than three! One of them is Kate Bower, a regular reader of this blog. She wrote a special guest post for us concerning the present extended Bronte family here.

All Bronteana posts about the family should be indexed here (but the archives are still not completely indexed so there are probably more posts).


mysticgypsy said...

Is it possible that these could have been descendents on Arthur Bell Nicholls' side?

Brontëana said...

No, that would make them totally unrelated to the Brontes. They are descendents of Alice and Hugh Bronte- the grandparents of the Brontes, in one way or another. They are cousins of the Brontes, not descendents.