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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Richard Lauer Jane Eyre illustrations

I uploaded these some months ago but have not had the chance to set them up properly at the Brontëana Resource Site (which is due for some major renovations). I am disappointed with the quality of these particular illustrations. At first glance, readers who are familiar with film adaptations of the novel commented that it was a little odd that the illustrations of Jane and Rochester should look so much like the actors who portrayed them in the 1997 film. In fact, I recognise a handful of these illustrations from actual frames in the film. I get the sense that someone was too lazy to come up with something more original- which is a terrible shame. Moreover, it seems to me that not only were the compositions copied from the film but I believe that the artist did not even draw these freehand. The kind of erratic hatching seen here is not the work of a freehand artist but comes across often when tracing is involved. I think the artist traced these illustrations from the film itself. The illustration of the proposal, for example is obviously from this scene (I apologise for not having a screencap from the exact moment):

The rest of the illustrations are available on the second page of Jane Eyre illustrations here.

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