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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Anne Bronte is a Work of Art

A project is underway to establish the Bronte Parsonage Museum as a site for contemporary art. The project has been lauched with an exhibition by Cornelia Parker called Bronte Abstracts. The image below- an image of Anne Bronte's hair- is part of the exhibit.

She has been exploring the Museum's collection, viewing original Brontë manuscripts in the British Library and working with the University of Bradford analysing samples of Brontë hair, using electron microscope imaging technology. The exhibition will include a series of images of Brontë artefacts, including samples of hair produced using this method.

“By capturing images of the Brontës' relics through a microscope,” she explained, “I have been using the tools of science to try to understand the power of the myth. Whether it is a split end of Anne's hair or pinholes made by Charlotte or the tines of a comb burnt by Emily, they are abstractions made by them, unconsciously.”

To learn more about this exhibit read this fascinating and informative article by Diane Benn, on the Bronte Parsonage Blog. The exhibit runs Saturday 16 September to Sunday 31 December 2006

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