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Monday, July 03, 2006

More Locations for Jane Eyre 2006

M, from BronteBlog draws our attention to the imdb.com page where the filming locations for the BBC's new Jane Eyre mini series have been updated. In addition, as for the 13th of June, the production status is in the post-production phase. We have been following the locations ever since an informant in Derbyshire tipped us off that Haddon Hall would be the location for Thornfield. The locations kept increasing- now we have a few more, and interesting locations to ponder:

Hathersage- one of the locations credited with inspiring Charlotte Bronte's novel. I had dearly hoped that they would film here or at Norton Conyers- the another hall credited with being the inspiration for Thornfield Hall, with its madwoman's room (and a master bedroom known as The Peacock Room which is shown to visitors as 'Mr Rochester's bedroom'). Hathersage's moor and village are thought to be the inspirations for Morton and Lees Hall, an inspiration for Thornfield.

Wingfield Manor- Some weeks ago, we published an exclusive behind the scenes report from Louise from Manchester. In it, among other things, she intimated that the ruins of Thornfield would be real. It would be safe to assume that Wingfield is our ruined Thornfield. It is also interesting it its own right- Mary, Queen of Scots was once kept in the house.

Lastly, the series was filmed in Maspalomas, in the Canary Islands. We assume this is for some sort of scene in the West Indies but the images I have found of the location do not remind me much of Jamaica.


Liz said...

Oooh! Jamaican flashbacks! This would hold with my thought that maybe there would be a Celine flashback too, based entirely on one character being called ‘Parisian visitor’ or somesuch. This is looking to be a nice lush adaptation with all the trimmings.

Alison said...

Maspalomas?! Hey I was there only last month! Beautiful sand dunes and loads of palm trees. Lovely place to film I think.

Brontëana said...

to liz:

I had not heard about any such character! Hmn. That would be so interesting! (And they could probably get even more sex into the story that way ;) Lavish is definately the word- I forgot to mention that one of the other locations for the series is Chatsworth House! I hope they're only borrowing the gardens. That's grand indeed!

Brontëana said...

to alison:

Last month... Who know, perhaps you missed the film crew! Do you think it could pass for a Jamaican scene?

alison said...

Not sure about Jamaica but I do wonder about the bit where Rochester decides to live again in Europe. Maspalomas has a lighthouse and the dunes which could look good in such a scene, especially at sunset.

Brontëana said...

to Alison:

It reminds me a bit of where one might have a 'white-washed villa on the shores of the Mediterranean' but that would have to be for some sort of prolepsis and would be really awkward, I think. So maybe you're on to something.