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Monday, July 24, 2006

Quint and Nola!

Ages ago I posted a little bit on the Bronte fantasies that appeared in the 1980s soap opera Guiding Light. Slightly before my time, but apparently Nola was fond of literary daydreams. In this clip she has cast herself and Quint as Jane and Rochester. She also had a Wuthering Heights fantasy about Quint. Hopefully a clip of that will turn up as well.

Someone has taken the trouble to make a clip of a fake silent film of Jane Eyre. It's very cute. The music makes me envision St.John Rivers tying Jane to some railroad tracks until Mr Rochester rides up on Mesrour to save her. Actually, in one of my favourite musical JE clips (from the York/Williams production) the background music sounds precisely like something Snively Whiplash would have in his scenes! And it was the scene when Mr Rochester was trying to convince Jane to stay with him- which was superbly acted but... the music.


mysticgypsy said...

hmm and had she cast Quint as Heatchliff? Then there'd be the Rochester/Heatchliff dulaity once again..

Brontëana said...

Nola cast Quint as every romantic hero in literature, apparently. I can't think of any of the others, but I would be surprised if there isn't a Pride and Prejudice fantasy where she's Elizabeth Bennet and he's Mr. Darcy.

Anonymous said...

Nola originally got interested in these stories through film. However, when she met Quint, he was a bit more scholarly and introduced Nola to the literary versions. She also cast him as Maxim deWinter in Rebecca. I don't believe there was a Pride and Prejudice fantasy, although there is one fantasy that we have for which I can not identify the inspiration.