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Monday, August 07, 2006

Accent Work for 'Bronte'

This article about the upcoming Bronte biopic has some interesting suggestions about what the film will sound like, at least. Producer Alistair MacLean-Clark, of AMC Pictures says the actors will all recieve accent coaching:

"They will all have vocal coaching to develop a Northern accent and we want them all to sound the same, with the same intonation.
"We decided that the accent doesn't have to be as exact as it was in the 19th century because some parts of the world may not be able to recognise their words.
"All of the cast have responded really well. To start with, they have tapes to listen to and in a few weeks they will come to the table, so to speak, and show off their homework."

The project's release date is slated for 'late 2007 or early 2008.' I have to mention, the article proclaims that this is the first time that we will see a film about the lives of all of the sisters. It seems that everyone is forgetting several biopics, not the least of which is the terrific BBC mini-series The Brontes of Haworth.

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