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Saturday, August 19, 2006

More Bronte Wares

There are a few other handmade Bronte items for sale at Etsy.com including a wooden Charlotte Bronte doll:

Hand-turned wooden figurine of Tasmanian white sassafras, hand-painted by Jilli Roberts of the Deepings Dolls. Each Deepings Doll is individually crafted and unique.Charlotte Bronte, author of several novels including the much loved Jane Eyre, was one of the three Bronte sisters of Yorkshire, who wrote novels under male pseudonyms, and all died young. Charlotte was the eldest and longest-lived of the sisters, and also the most prolific writer. She is pictured here in a rich burgundy/grape coloured crinoline dress, in the Victorian fashionDeepings Dolls are approx. 13cm. in height, the perfect size for a dolls house, or to adorn your bookshelf or mantlepiece.

Below are a few other items available:

An 'Eyre, Bronte bird kette pendant charm.' The same seller has little books- "büchli/buechli"- , and other 'charm's and things with random-seeming fragments of quotes from Jane Eyre on them.

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