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Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Adaptation of Wuthering Heights?

According to this page from Ecosse Films, a new feature film of Emily's novel is currently in development. So far, this is all the information available about the production:

A psychologically complex adaptation of Emily Bronte’s classic tale of love and revenge, centred on Heathcliff as immigrant and bringing out the youth of the protagonists.

Writer Olivia Hetreed is working on the project. The news thanks to silcock-2.


marshalsea said...

Interesting news! seems like it'll be a feature film rather than a mini series.

they have several 'In Productions' that are mouthwatering.

Brontëana said...

I suppose a lot of people are excited about their projects- I wrote to them for more information and their inbox was full!

Jessica said...

Hi! I've only just discovered this wonderful site! I've been desperately wishing that someone would make a good version of Wuthering Heights. I'm very curious about this version, and thrilled to hear that they are planning to correctly show the youth of Heathcliff and Catherine, because they are ALWAYS portrayed too old in the movie versions. I think showing them their correct ages will make it easier to understand why they sometimes behave the way they do. I hope to hear more about this production sometime soon!