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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Open Letters

Dear students of the world,

I can see you trying to cheat on you summer reading assignments by searching my blog for the answers to your homework questions. I have some idea what these assignments are because the blog searches have been full of summer reading lists. Time is running out and you still haven't read Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. Typing your homework questions into a search engine will do you no good! In the time it takes you to devise your cheat, search the internet, then give up, you could have actually thought about the question for a few seconds and answered it very well yourself! Honestly, these questions are really basic... Another thing is, did it not occur to you that if you can type your teacher's question into a search engine, that your teacher could too? After finding an answer after all the time spent plotting, searching and sifting- by some astronoical chance you find something. But then your teacher will find you out. Just read the books and think about them for one minute of your lives! And don't try to cheat using my blog!

Besides, I know the plot of WH so I don't have posts on here reminding me who Cathy is...

Second item:

Dear readers,

My computer is going back in for more repairs! This time I'm having to type using the on screen keyboard. I have no luck with computers. Otherwise my typing llookkss lliikkee thihiss.. AANNDD II""DD iimmaagginiee iitt wwouoludld ggeett vereyry aannnnooyyiningg vveryy qquuiiccklklyy!! I hope it will be fixed within a day but in case I dissappear for a day or two this is why. I will be back! I will also catch up on email and comments when I get it back.


Ren said...

Hahah. Smack down the unwashed and unenlightened masses!

My AP english class could have used such a chiding.

Josefina said...

How come students dare not reading the Brontë's books? I am a student too, that lives in Chile (South America)... and -sadly- they don't make us read Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights although we have English courses. So YOU, students, feel fortunate of having the opportunity to read and analyse such classics during class... and, come on, make even a slight effort to enjoy them! :)

Brontëana, I have been reading your blog for months by now; as I am a Brontë enthusiast. I admire you for keeping this blog; accessible by everyone around the world. My sincere thank you.

Brontëana said...

to ren:

You know, it can't be said enough. I had to listen to the same lecture on cheating throughout university and people still cheated, and got caught! Then I became a TA and learned first hand the frustration of trying to warn students about cheating. Although finding them out was a lot of fun... especially in the Latin class. They would copy from the text- and get it wrong as a result. Very fun: 'I am the miraculous bowl of food!'

Brontëana said...

to josefina:

Thank you for your kind words! I always appreciate hearing that people are enjoying my blog. I hope those students lurking on this journal listen to you. Even though the Brontes are taught in Canada, they were not taught at my school either.