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Friday, September 22, 2006

And Yet Another Article on Jane Eyre 2006

This time courtesy of Bronteana reader Julie, via Millhand.

ETA: Also, if you were unable to view the BBC's preview clip for the first episode, you may now view it on youtube (where it is somewhat larger than on the BBC site).


Vaire said...

Mmm. The one bit of language really turned me off. That and I like Dickens and "Dickensian characters," durn it. ;)

One thing that really stuck out:

"The olde worlde dialogue, so often the bane of adaptations, was overcome when screenwriter Sandy Welch 'knocked the ornateness off the language. I hope the tone is more intimate, more like the audience are eavesdropping - so they are led closer in to the action.'"

I'm all out for dialogue that's cut so it needn't sound clunky (especially if it's not delivered right) or overly archaic, but I'm wondering if I'm going to miss this. Maybe I'm already missing the lack of Rochester's wordiness in the clip.

Everyone keeps talking about how modern the characters are. I hope the language and conversations havent been too modernized to the point of being dumbed down.

Ahem, my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I zeroed in on that same paragraph. "Knocked the ornateness off the language" - horrors.

Is this perhaps an attempt to engage "the masses", then, at the risk of possibly alienating Charlotte Bronte aficionados?

I have read elsewhere that we're not to worry, though. Sandy Welch apparently has dramatized other works to purists' satisfaction.

We shall see.