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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

BBC's Wide Sargasso Sea

From the new website for the 2006 series of Jane Eyre, there is a little bit of surprising information about the BBC's upcoming production of Jean Rhys' novel 'Wide Sargasso Sea.' But first, here is the Press Pack from the BBC (courtesy of Bronteblog).

The reference to WSS comes from the production diary of Diederick Santer (posted on the BBC's website)...

Correction... Since this morning the links to the rest of the diary have been taken down! Well, I guess you will just have to wait until the first episode of Jane Eyre airs before you can know what is so surprising. Suffice to say for now, there will be an interesting connection between the two productions. Or you might go here, where it could come up in discussion...

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