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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bronteana Exclusives on Jane Eyre 2006- and Job Postings

Attention readers in the UK, I have a job for you. Well, a few jobs, actually. Diederick Santer, producer of the new BBC Jane Eyre informs me that the first on air trails for the series will be airing this Sunday night (10 September) on BBC1. If anyone is willing, a recording of the same to share on Bronteana would be most appreciated! That's job number one. The second is that, also according to Mr. Santer, Ruth Wilson has just finished a photo shoot for Glamour magazine, if someone will keep an eye out for that and report in.

The production seems to be coming along nicely. I've learned a few things about how these series are put together:

Today we 'delivered' episode 1 to BBC, we finished the final sound and music mix on episode 2, we listened to some demo music cues and watched some cgi works-in-progress on episode 3, continued dialogue and sound tracklaying on episode 4, and Ruth Wilson did a shoot for Glamour magazine... Hopefully we'll get it all done in time..

That's interesting. I didn't know how these last stages of post-production developed! Also, early on we had reports that cgi was not used for the Thornfield fire. What could it be, I wonder?

ETA: Also, if you are on a slow connection, or are having trouble downloading the clip from the new production, I have just uploaded it at youtube! My first and only video, and you can view it here. If it doesn't work, have patience. It was only just uploaded and might still be processing.


Agnes said...

Thanks for posting it. It looks like he is going to be a great Rochester. I have never seen an interview with him before and I enjoyed this one very much. I think he really understands Rochester. Agnes

livvie said...

oooh! is that a low country accent jane's sporting?

Liz said...

An interesting accent! Mr R seems to have a bit of one too. Not quite as odd as Dalton's.

Bronteana, I hope you have had some response from dutiful UK-ers. I do plan to catch the trail if all goes well (do we know whenabouts it will be run?) but am not technically-minded enough to record it I think, ie, my video is useless. I saw an October Glamour today but I imagine Ruth will be in the November one? Will keep a look out, anyway.

pennyforyourdreams said...

Ooh trails! This does mean that I have to watch BBC1 on a Sunday night, there's usually nothing on, but I've just checked: It's James Purefoy with a facial hair in "Blackbeard"! I do like a swashbuckling pirate. Hopefully the trail will be on before this.

Dreamy said...

Heads up! I heard online that the trailer will also be shown on Saturday, after Last Night of the Proms on BB1!

*L*W* said...

Cannot WAIT for this production - hope it is available in the good ol USA. I"m ready to BUY and haven't seen very much of it. Please keep on bringing new news. Appreciate your blog.

Brontëana said...

to *l*w*

It will be on PBS in January, if you can wait so long! :)