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Friday, September 08, 2006

'I'm Sorry St.John, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.'

I am coming down with a bad cold. It is cruel that I should be laughing so much. There are quite a lot of hilariously bad student films about Jane Eyre but this one is also well done. I especially like the Hay Lane scene (those waxy kitchen floors can be treacherous!), and the fire scenes. After careful consideration, I think jet packs are rather useful for getting Rochester up to the third floor and back again. Below is a picture of the very touching fire scene starring Barbie as Jane Eyre and Buzz Lightyear as Mr Rochester.


Kelly said...

Oh my . . . the Spanish soap opera!

Youtube ought to be outlawed for college students. an no, I'm not talking about the posters, I'm talking about myself as a viewer! :P

mysticgypsy said...

Barbie Jane and Lightyear Ned!! o_O *flabbergasted*