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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jane Eyre 2006 Screencaps and More Housekeeping

I have now archived months of posts- from May to September. Unfortunately I did not have the time to categorise them, but if you go to the archives it is fairly easy to search for what you want via the search engine there. (The archives can be found at http://bronteana.wordpress.com/ . I set it up months ago. It is basically a mirror site on wordpress which offers superior indexing technology). However, an error occurred and as a result all of the formatting of every post on this blog has changed- each post is now one huge paragraph. I will try to fix this, but honestly I am not sure how to go about it. I'm not even sure why it happened...

Speaking of not being sure why things happened, I have accidentally learned how to screencap the preview clip from the BBC. I had a problem with the player opening two clips at once but the result of that was that I was able to print screen it. It was clumbsy, and so you will see that there are more pictures of Toby than Ruth (her cuts are shorter, and I often could not stop the clip in time). Some people are reporting having problems seeing the preview clip. It is working this morning, but if you still cannot see it, you can gaze upon these in the meantime. (I'm having trouble posting the second batch of images at the moment).

ETA: It looks like the formatting problem is fixed. Again, I don't know how that happened!

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siansaksa said...

Wow, great screencaps, thanks! I'll try again later to watch that BBC video clip; it seems I am having troubles with my comp right now!

Brontëana said...

You're welcome. I hope the clip works for you. There's nothing more I can do.

siansaksa said...

Yes, finally it has worked!!!! It is great! The more I see, the more I want to see :)

Brontëana said...

I thought I should mention it again here, but so far I am more impressed with Toby Stephens' performance than I was with Timothy Dalton in both the Hay Lane and first interview scenes.

Hopefully we will get more clips soon. The show is airing in a week's time!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, the more I watch the clip of the interview scene, the more I love it. I especially love the lighting and the costumes. It irritates me when the lighting is obviously false stage lighting - it distracts from the mood, but here it is both warm and not overly bright. As for the clothing, it doesn't have the stagey look of some adaptations. I have hated most of the costumes seen before on film, especially Timothy Dalton's. Those damn big silk bows hanging around his neck in scene after scene. Just awful.

Brontëana said...

to anonymous:

I agree. I didn't really like it on the first viewing but I've really warmed to it since then! While I love cravats, it is sometimes silly when they have huge bows. For me, I'm glad there are no shiny purple striped waistcoats as there were in the 1983 series.

Liz said...

Yes, I like it very much too! The Hay Lane scene worried me a little but now I am reassured. The best adaptations bring out the aspects of the novel that don’t immediately occur to me – the ’73 did this in abundance, and this little scene has convinced me that this version will do the same. I like how awkward Jane is, and Toby’s little snicker when she mentions the advertisement, and how he looks chastened afterwards. The mention of love, and disappointment, should be cheesy and obvious but isn’t, somehow. I know that the fan review you posted wasn’t overly impressed with Tobes but some of the other reviews on the C19th board were more positive, so I am still feeling very hopeful about him based on this.

Brontëana said...

to liz:

Thanks for the tip about the other reviews. They seem to be in harmony on how well they liked it. It is interesting that most of them seem to be amivalent about the book but unanimous in liking the series. And I agree about adaptations in general, and the dynamics in this scene. I did think the new dialogue was cheesy actually. But it isn't that bad now that I've seen the clip a LOT.