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Monday, September 11, 2006

Video Clips from Jane Eyre The Musical in La Jolla, California

Well, there seems to be no end to surprises! Many thanks to Alayna for posting these clips n youtube. Here is The Gypsy and The Proposal from the musical's pre-Broadway run. Starring James Barbour as Mr Rochester and Marla Schaffel as Jane Eyre. The Proposal clip is especially interesting because you can clearly see many of the mechanisms which created the wonderful, ground breaking effects of the Broadway production including the stage's multiple rotating sections, the use of scrims, etc. Also, the tree- the elusive Chestnut tree is very clear as well.

ETA: Now, for some silly commentary. In the Proposal clip I couldn't help but wonder why Rochester has such ridiculously huge gestures. It reminded me of a slowed down dance from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. (His English garden HAS: southerwood, sweetbriar, jasmine, pink and rose...). While Alayna says she fancies he looks like a mime trapped in an imaginary box- and I think that works just as well! I've heard of the Fourth Wall and how you ought not to break it but having actors run their hands along it is a little odd. Also, the passion is just a tad overdone. I did say in a previous post that this actor's portrayal of Rochester is minxy. He has been trying out some new minxery obviously- between his swishy bull-fighter impersonation, and then this proposal... He has the same look as my cat when she's about to pounce on a piece of paper on the floor. And yet... in the end, its Jane who pounces on him! Slow down, you two!

(Obviously I love the musical, but I can't help snarking things especially when I really enjoy them!)

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