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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bronte News

Wuthering Heights has inspired an art exhibit on display this month in Massachusetts:

LIBRARY EXHIBIT. "The Colorful World of Wuthering Heights - in Watercolors and Drawings," by artist Mary Haig, is on view in the auditorium at the Morse Institute Library, West Central Street in Natick. The exhibit will run through October.

Bronte Historian extraordinaire, Juliet Barker will be making an appearance at the Examiner Literary Luncheon is Huddersfield:

The ticket price of £19.50 includes a three course meal at the Galpharm Stadium, with coffee and the chance to meet our authors.
Tickets are available only from the Lawrence Batley Theatre box office, telephone 01484 430528. The ticket sales will close on Saturday.

Lastly, remember our debate about fan fiction? The Brontes come up in this article on the subject.

Fanfic has a long history.
In the 19th century, the Bronte sisters wrote fan fiction about the Duke of Wellington, a popular figure in their time.

Not so. Only Charlotte wrote fan fiction about Wellington. (If you believe the scholars, and follow their theories to their natural conclusions than Mr Rochester is nothing more than her invented son of Arthur Wellesley- or his son, however you prefer to look at it: the Duke of Zamora!).

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