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Monday, October 09, 2006

Dredging out the Archive

I confess, I enjoyed the third episode of Jane Eyre 2006 but I felt the passion was a bit flat. I knew I had a clip from the BBC's 1973 version somewhere, so I went looking for it (my DVD isn't working properly on my laptop!). I didn't find the clip but I did find these other interesting items!

In the name of harmony and world peace (at least among those who admire BBC dramas), here are Mr Rochester and Mr Darcy dancing together at last! (There is in fact a finer clip of Rochester dancing- actually he strips off his skirt, swirls it around like a matador cape and leaps off a chair...).

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Can you guess what this is?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's right. Colin Firth did play Mr Rochester but his scene ended up being cut from Saturday Night Live. They eventually replaced him with Jude Law (and NO I do not have any footage of Colin Firth as Mr Rochester!).

And lastly, I believe Bronteana reader chrisv wanted some proofs of my artistic talents. Here is my 'illustrated Rochester is love' bar (sorry I had to shrink it to fit the blogger page but if you click on it it will enlarge)*:

*Actually, it is no use. Just click here.

From left: 1980s RD edition, my (in)famous Jane Eyre comic book, two donations from a friend in Australia, detail from an india ink sketch by me, another detail from an india ink sketch by me, and that last one- my favourite- flying stickman Mr Rochester from a comic strip my friend Kristin created over a year ago. In it I heard that there was going to be a new adaptation of Jane Eyre starring Arnold Swartzenegger. He kidnapped Jane from the novel in a foul plot to 'crush their dreams like daisies.' Anyway, long story short I met a flying Rochester. Here he is flying into my arms! Look at how happy and sparkly he is! He's also naked, but radiating pink sparkles (everyone was naked, actually, except for Jane which was odd and probably caused a lot of brooding).


mysticgypsy said...

How (and it is more interesting why) did Jane appear clothed as a stick figure? Perhaps her torso was still exposed (I am refering to a traditional girl stick figure ;)

ChrisV said...

Ha HA HA! Actually I didn't require proof so much as wanting to see your work so that I can admire it. And admirable it is! That last skinny Rochester rendition comes very close to portraying the bare chested Toby Rochester that we so enjoyed in ep 2. Could the absence of the cravat be the key to his happiness? Has Jane seen this picture??

Which Rochester is dancing with Mr. Darcy?

Kristin said...


Here, maybe these will better illustrate the not so nekked Jane.




But, the Jane and Rochester really came from an earlier stick figure story entitled, "As Thornfield goes to Hades" and was JE meets Jasper Fforde.

Wow, a really long explaination for something that doesn't deserve it. Oh well!


kayxyz said...

Reminds me I always visualized Rochester as looking like Beethove on some of the classical record albums.

pennyforyourdreams said...

I like stick man Rochester

kayxyz said...

Ja, the one on the left is best. If BBC ever hit on the perfect actor to play Rochester, they'll be diddy. How about Gary Oldman? Broad forehead, not exactly handsomen, but can act.