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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Lilycup has gratiously screencapped the first episode of Jane Eyre 2006. Yes, I know, there are a lot of screencaps out there. But, I mean that she has made hundreds of images. So many images, in fact, that if you flip through them quickly you do actually see expression and motion! Good work! And what's even better, she has made it her mission to do this with each and every episode!


You might need WinRar to unzip the file. Some samples:


ChrisV said...

I like the second screencap..."OK Jane, come to papa"

Brontëana said...

Oh, my friends had fun with that one. I think my favourite was:

Okay, so I drew a moustache on Lady Ingram while she was asleep. I'm sorry but I couldn't help it!

Anonymous said...

I assume one cannot do this with a mac (rather than a PC) ?

Brontëana said...

If you can't open the file, you might need to download WinRar from the link on the post. There's a version for mac.