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Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Fun with YouTube

This attempt is a little better, but the top is still cut. It is quite a long clip including everything from Mrs. Fairfax asking Jane to go to the party, to 'Sirens' at the end of act one. If you are not familiar with the show they did rearrange the plot to make it fit into a 3 hour show with an intermission in the middle but why they put The Gypsy into act two I cannot say. I'm still working on getting it to the right size so that none of the picture is cut off.

So, in the space of ten minutes Blanche puts Jane down, Mrs Fairfax invites her to the party, the guests dance, Blanche and Rochester sing their duet, Mason arrives, Rochester goes wibbly, and then Jane and Rochester angst out act one.

During 'How You Look in the Night' Rochester is actually making fun of Blanche. I thought he was drunk the first time I saw a screencap of this scene. It actually looked like either he was drunk or Blanche had just punched him in the face and he was reeling to the floor from the blow... I still might have that screencap somewhere... (It was from a different performance. He doesn't look so wretched here).

ETA: Found it! (plus caption by one of my writer friends).


Kathleen Bolton said...

ROFLMAO! I'm going to make a screencap of this for my home computer.

Man, this day is just getting better and better. Is it ok to thank you once again for the clips?


Brontëana said...

You're most welcome. I just wish I knew why these clips are cut off! I tried making clips of each ten minutes of the show to get it all online but the ends were snipped. I'll keep working on it!