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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Jane Eyre clips...

Here's one of the best scenes from episode two, thanks to ruthiem!

And, some more from the musical. I've also set up a group for clips from the musical (18 clips so far!) here. Here's Farewell, Good Angel with Marla Schaffel and James Barbour, and Forgiveness with Marla Schaffel.

Forgive the lack of editorials lately but I've been ill. I nearly passed out during the Victorian literature seminar yesterday (I'm not sure I'm making the best impression- I probably looked half asleep).


pennyforyourdreams said...

You must take care of yourself!! Don't pass out in seminars! I advocate lying in bed and eating sticky buns and lots of tea. And watching/reading Jane Eyre, as per preference.

Brontëana said...

I will take your advice! I have already started on a regime of cherry danishes. The tea here, though... feh. I miss my old tea from home!

At least if I did pass out the professor wouldn't think I was just nodding off, or had not prepared and was drifting!

pennyforyourdreams said...

I approve of the cherry danish diet, I am well used to something similar: hot chocolate and pain au chocalat is my poison.

Maybe the tea tastes different because the water is not the same as home?

Brontëana said...

I have to drag myself to work tomorrow. I am teaching early in the am! :(

They are trying too hard. I just want some Earl Grey, or English Breakfast but nooooo. And most anything would be an improvement on the water from home! Mmm. Industrial byproduct-y! Nice metalic after taste ;)

pennyforyourdreams said...

One of my jobs is to taste water, tap water and other samples, I've had some nasty tastes let me tell you! I had a metallic just today! Eek, talk about teeth on edge :o