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Friday, November 03, 2006

Brontes of Haworth

It seems to be a running theme in most of my recent posts that I have very little time for blogging. And this month seems to be getting more complicated with each day. I ought to be in bed, resting up for tomorrow. Today was spent in a crash course in ETI, SGML, and XML, and then a ph.d proposal workshop. I think my work was tore apart by six or seven professors one after another- I can't remember how many exactly. To illustrate my state of mind at the end of it all: I stumbled back to the dinning hall forgetting that I had office hours during the workshop!

These clips I uploaded a few days ago but haven't had the time to post. I think this is a wonderfull series but it is hardly known. This first clip is one of my favourites in the series. Anne Bronte arrives at Thorp Green to take up her position as governess to the Robinson children.

And in this clip Charlotte discovers Emily's poetry, and the plan forms to attempt their first publication:


ChrisV said...

Getting a PhD is such a tough process and its painful to get your work ripped apart. One reason that they do it is because it was done to them (when they were PhD candidates). That graduate school cycle of abuse... Your efforts to keep blogging in spite of this is admirable and appreciated by many!


Brontëana said...

I have to keep myself sane somehow ;)

It was tiring, mostly. I feel very tired. Thankfully I did a good job on my proposal. I just had to hear the same criticisms over and over as I went to the next professor- it was a sort of workshop in ph.d proposal writing. Some of them didn't even read it through before they started making suggestions. I hope that once December comes around I can have some breathing space. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed ATM!

Anonymous said...

Can one buy this production? It looks very good/interesting? Send/post news.

thanks again for all your work - it is much appreciated.


Brontëana said...

You certainly can! It is a 5 part mini-series from the BBC (or Yorkshire TV):


It also includes etexts of all of the Bronte novels including a short work by Branwell.

delamare said...

I remember seeing this series when it was first broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation years ago. I enjoyed it very much - thanks for reminding me of it.

ChrisV said...

I finally got a chance to watch the clips. They are very interesting! I might have to purchase a copy of the mini-series.

Thanks for posting them!