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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BBC Jane Eyre 2006 on Pre-Order in the US

The PBS Shop has the details on the January 8th release of the two disc set:


The dark romantic mystery of Jane Eyre returns to the screen in this lavish new version for Masterpiece Theatre. A lonely young governess falls in love with the handsome, brooding father of her new student at Thornfield Hall, but neither Jane nor Mr. Rochester can escape the mysteries of their past lives. Toby Stephens, Ruth Wilson, and Francesca Annis bring Charlotte Brontë's timeless classic to vigorous new life.


Esther Joy said...


(But I do wish they had a more striking cover...)

starboarder said...

Gentle readers, be warned:

The US dvd set will NOT include any of the special features that the UK dvd, released in February, will. The US set has only the series.

So if you're expecting lots of extras, I suggest you hold out until the US releases the full version, or get a multiregion player and get the UK version.

Also, the description leaves something to be desired... clearly the person had never read the book, but what's new?

Kathleen Bolton said...

Bummer about the lack of extras, but I'll take whatever BBC scraps get flung across the puddle.

missed the glance said...

Also, the description leaves something to be desired... clearly the person had never read the book, but what's new?

that's okay, the filmmakers didn't either! /snark :D

ChrisV said...

I was wondering if they would have time to cobble together the extra footage for the US version and now I know. Thanks, starboarder. I have my multi-region player reader :-D

Brontëana said...

to starboarder:

Urgh. Not again. Well... perhaps it is time for me to get a multi-region player.

Brontëana said...

to missed the glance:

Of course they did! *looks innocent*

Uncle Mario said...

Curious. What episode format is this DVD in? BBC1 or PBS format?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather wait until the version with all the extras comes out. Does anyone know when that version will come out here in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Ciao!!! sono italiana
I will speak in Italian, if understood you do not say it to me!
Volevo dire che questo sceneggiato è bellissimo e noi italiani lo vorremmo vedere nel nostro paese!
Speriamo che arrivi in italia!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe some nice folks from across the pond will put the extras on youtube for us. I'm so jealous--deleted scenes, etc. *sigh*