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Monday, December 11, 2006

Jane Eyre: The Musical Touring Company

From Avid Touring Group Ltd:

You will fall in love with this lush piece of musical theater storytelling and sweeping, unforgettable melodies by Paul Gordon.

A troubled young orphan wishing for liberty and the strength to rise above the hardships of her childhood grows to learn that true love and forgiveness do indeed overcome obstacles. As an ambitions young woman, Jane soon meets the gregarious and wealthy Edward Rochester. Their destiny unfolds when a deep, secret bond grows between them. But will class distinctions keep them apart, or can their hearts beat strongly enough to bring them together? And when a darker family secret and haunting tragedy unfold, will they be brave enough for love?

Star Casting to be announced shortly.

There are, of course, no dates for the tour yet but I'll keep you posted. Thank you, jess_squirrel, for the tip!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome! But I should've said that I found it on the Jane Eyre Forum...oh well.

I'm so excited! I hope this tour comes my way! :D


Melissa said...

Please come to Philly! Please come to Philly!

Mythosidhe said...

How exciting! I second Melissa's comment, it MUST come to Philadelphia!