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Friday, January 05, 2007

Back at Last?

I hit a wee snag a few days ago. I've moved three times in as many days. Moving back to my old dorm room I found the ceiling had suffered serious water damage and had sprouted black mold. I moved back to my lovely little Annex, then here:

The interior is very fine too:

Hopefully I can now get back to my normal schedule of bloggery and graduate toils. Speaking of which, the time has come for me to begin work on my Bronte thesis!


melrose plant said...

That's gorgeous! Is that at Dal?

You are so lucky to live in Halifax as it remains a favourite city of mine.

Southern Ontario libraries are a cursed lot. My hometown's excuse for a library is probably not much better than yours. They do not even have a copy of Villette for all love.... nor are they about to get one.

It is amazing how many "Da Vinci Coders" ( my generic label for those who enjoy pulp like Baldacci and Grisham and test no other waters but those safe and futile ) abound in our country.

It takes blogs like yours to feel we are weeding out of a dismal, conventional mass and into something a little more pragmatic and thoughtful.

ChrisV said...

Wow so pretty! I'm sure that nice surroundings help to spur on inspiration.

So do you have your first line of your thesis?? "There was no possiblity of living with black mold that day"... :-)

Good luck with the new term!

Cordelia-Says said...

Wow, it looks a lovely place. And if you get bored with thesis-writing, you could always pretend you're in a period drama!

Chantel said...

You live there?! Lucky duck!!! It looks almost like a Regency house. At least something from an English manor house.

I totally agree with you, melrose plant! Even though my library has very nice librarians, they don't even have half of Dickens! They do have Villete, but that's just a fluke.