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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Return of Jane Eyre

With the American premiere of the BBC's newest version of Jane Eyre imminent, the wires are again buzzing (slightly) with news. Not exactly news, but articles of some interest. I especially like this one which includes a few snarky comments about adaptions:

That's Edward Rochester. Bronte uses such words as "dark," "stern," "heavy brow" and "ireful and thwarted"; filmmakers prefer cute.

There's also this odd little tidbit from Matlock Today:

The shop has also bought the bed featured in the recent television series Jane Eyre. The bed is burnt during one heart stopping scene and will be displayed at the shop too.

Remember, it may be all well and good to watch Jane douce the raging inferno on Rochester's bed but please do not try it at home.


Anonymous said...

Based on my experience on watching both the PBS edited version and ITV/DVD version of both The Forsyte Saga serials, I asked myself why should I bother watching JE? The answers are Bronte, JE, and comparing with other adaptations.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, have already pre-ordered (but not received) the DVD, and have grown weary of watching youtube clips - so I am glad! I am glad! that Jane is finally making her appearance in the USA so I can watch the whole thing uninterrupted. Enjoy!

:) law

Liz said...

Hello and Happy New Year, everyone! That’s a nice, and new, I think, pic to accompany the first article. I am looking forward to hearing what US audiences think of the new adaptation. It attracted quite a few Bronte virgins in the UK, but perhaps US youngsters have more distractions.

Brontëana said...

to uncle mario:

I know that PBS chopped an entire episode off the BBC's 1973 version. It will be interesting to see what they do with it this time.

to law:

You know, I've decided to wait for the UK version and just get me another DVD player. I'll probably be needing it in future anyway! Although, I'm worried about this 'caged boy' scene. I wasn't enchanted by the version the BBC showed, but I'm afraid there will be more badness to come in the unedited version.

to liz:

Yes, I made it myself, actually :D

Anonymous said...

For those who's considering purchasing the JE PBS.org DVD, guess what's listed under upcoming releases in the BBC America Shop webpage:

Jane Eyre: 2006 Version - Ruth Wilson, as Jane Eyre, and Toby Stephens, as Edward Rochester, lead a stellar cast in a compelling new adaptation of Charlotte Brontë's much-loved novel Jane Eyre.

Wished the BBC America could release Waking the Dead Series 2-5.

Anonymous said...

I guess I won't know how much editing/hacking PBS does to the program until I see it. If I notice scenes I've already SEEN are gone - their plot will be discovered. We already own a DVD player that will play international DVDs (thanks to having a daughter who lived overseas for a spell) - so if I need to buy BOTH versions, I will.

Happy New Year to you all,

Lovelydrama said...

There are not words to express how much I LOVE THE NEW JANE EYRE!!!! I am a self proclaimed Eyre Head I own every version available on DVD.. ( still trying to get the orson wells one) I have the musical and 3 copies of the book. I have already pre-ordered the movie from PBS.. Last night i saw eposide one and it left me with a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE.. people often ask me why I watch Jane Eyre so much. they say that it is the same story.. But each adaptation brings something different. The story is always the same ( basically the same) but each actor brings something different to the role.. Daltons' Rochester is different than Stevens Rochester and Fontans Jane is different than Gainsburgs Jane..

I can't wait till part 2 next sunday and I know that I will have an Eyre-a-thon when i get my new copy in...