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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jane Eyre 2006: Deleted Scenes

Denarios has posted clips of the deleted scenes from the BBC's mini-series. There are several clips included in each of the following:

Deleted Scenes from Episodes 1 and 2:

Deleted Scenes from Episodes 3 and 4:


Uncle Mario said...

Like theatrical edition of LOTR:FOTR and seeing thee JE deleted scenes, I suspected that the Editing was tight (and Jane and Edward-centric) especially since it's a four 1 hour episode serial.

Too bad the Jane/Eliza parting scene didn't make final cut since it's one of the scenes from the book I'd like to see adapted along with Jane sneaking past the doors of Edward, Adele, and Mrs Fairfax biding farewell as she fled Thornfield.

I still have a feeling that I have a better chance seeing "Waking The Dead" series 2-6 than seeing a JE Region 1 DVD with extras.

Alex said...

I couldn't get the videos to work completely. Which is a shame because I adore this adaptation. Could you post the link from where you got them?

I love your blog - I check it all the time!

gandy said...

you have any idea which scene the 'caged boy' relates to? i feel very confused. *scratches head*

rinabeana said...

I haven't seen this adaptation so I don't know if there are further details, but I'm guessing the caged boy is probably referring to a feral child in France around 1800. I remember hearing about this quite a while ago and, sure enough, there's a Wikipedia entry about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wild_Boy_of_Aveyron

gandy said...

thanks rina! i'm still wondering how and where it fit in to the rest of the series--i rewatched trying to figure it out but couldn't--but i guess we'll never know.

also, even though it took place in bed (sigh) i really wish they had left in the 'jane's love would have been my best reward' scene and cut back a bit on mister eshton. there were some things i'd really rather have seen over the ouija boards and all that, if some of these deleted scenes had remained in the film i think i may have liked it a bit more than i did.

Lucy Bliss said...

The feral boy is mentioned by Blanche when Lady Ingram is holding forth about people with good blood and bad blood. It's the scene where Rochester tells Jane to join them by the fire, annoying Blanche immensely and then Jane peeves Lady Ingram by daring to offer a dissenting opinion on how to raise kids. Rochester is wearing that red jacket/yellow waistcoat combo! The dvd extra seems to be just a flashback moment. I can see why they'd cut it. Doesn't add much really.