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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dear Readers,

Never fear, more Bronte posts will be coming along shortly. I have only just finished the coursework section of my master's and am plunging into the thesis. My advisor is doing a great job keeping up the pace with the writing, however I don't find time for much else nowadays. For instance, I am required to present a conference paper based on the thesis (what there is so far...) at a colloquium next week. So, as I toil away on that, I will have to post here only intermittently, and depending on how difficult I find revision.

I do have some news- quite a lot, but this will have to wait. I will mention that the highlight is that I have corresponded with Dr. Jo Baker who is currently working on the first film adaptation of Charlote Bronte's Shirley since the 1920s- and, when it is released- the only available adaptation of the novel. There isn't much to tell, except that she is still working on getting the script right. Encouraging news, nevertheless, for those of us waiting in breathless anticipation. It is still on track!


ChrisV said...

Thanks for the update! Why not copy/paste some of your thesis writing here in your blog?! Perhaps we can provide collaborative revision ideas ;-)

Will there be figures and/or illustrations in your thesis?

Brontëana said...

Oh, thanks for the offer, chris! But I'm afraid there's just too much work to be done. I'm edging over 100 pages at the moment. I feel like I may be found crushed beneath all this paper someday ;)

I haven't planned for any illustrations, no.