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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jane Eyre on Alibris

Alibris.com is a wonderful website for buying used and well-loved books, but going through the catalogue today, while trying to find an elusive item for someone interested in Jane Eyre musicals, I can across this bizarre catalogue copy:

Jane Eyre. By Jim Collins

About this title: A discussion of several UFO sightings including a description of the objects and speculations about their origins.

...No, I'm not seeing the connection here. Everyone is free to snark at will (it has been some time since there was real snark on Bronteana). I know I found those Star Wars parallels with the 2006 adaptation of Jane Eyre, but this might be getting silly.


Ancsa said...

Well, the Hungarian adaptation also has some connections to Star Wars: the walls are covered with Jane's drawings, which are drawings from Star Wars! I don't really understand it, but I wish I would!

Vaire said...

Upon googling, the same mistake happens at amazon.com.uk. Same at Books-A-Million.

Something is definitely going on here. Look at the Amazon Link for the real book by Jim Collins. All the reviews refer to Jane Eyre.

If you want my opinion, I think the aliens are trying to tell us something.


ChrisV said...

Well, there's a bit of X-Files here...their tagline "the truth is out there" applies to Jane Eyre and the noises she's hears from the tower...Dear Jane -- "the truth is up there"...you, know, in the tower where Grace seems to always be partying and laughing at her own jokes.

As for the UFO book connection...it was published in 1977 the same year as Star Wars thus completing the Jane Eyre-Star Wars-UFO circle.

P.S. Feel free to use any of the above in your thesis or during your thesis defense.

vaire said...

After much meditation and use of the calculator, I've found out what message the aliens have chosen to leave.

They wish to bring us their higher Truth and have gone about doing this through Jane Eyre. They chose to relate themselves with this classic work not only because it's such a great read, but because if you count up the numerical position (a=1, b=2 and so forth) of each of the letters in both of the words—Jane Eyre—and add them together, the answer is 84. Divided by two (as Jane Eyre is two words), that gives us the answer 42.

That, my friends, is the answer to life, the universe and everything, as google plainly tells us.

ChrisV said...

I applaud your ingenuity!