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Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm not quite finished yet.

The thesis: it will be finished when it is finished, I think. It doesn't help matters that there is another version of the Gordon/Caird Musical in the works. A good friend of mine has a copy of a script-in progress but since it would not be fair to analyse something that hasn't even been written out yet, I am refraining from pestering her for a peek.

The thesis hit a set back this summer when I needed to rearrange several chapters which involved extensive revisions. These are ongoing, so I will probably still be only an intermittent blogger for now. The other challenge is that I am returning to the libraries to do more research.

I would like to thank everyone for their very lovely emails sent during my absence. I cannot possibly get caught up on everything, but I will try to find my way through them and all of the bizarre junk mail that has grown like a primordial jungle in my inbox. Half of the emails are in languages I do not understand and many are not even in the Latin alphabet. One addresses me as "dear sir" and others reference anatomy which is not owned by me, and several claim to be from extremely rich but imperiled Arabs- which is a scam I find to be in very bad taste.

SO, a very quick round-up for Bronte news!

Cranford is great, I guess? And I suppose Jane Eyre adaptations are generally dreary, but otherwise, I pish at dismissing the story as being about tight breeches and corsets (although, I still have to shake my head at our last BBC series. The DVD case in particular... 'heaving bodices?' *sigh*). I haven't seen Cranford because I still don't have a television! (Yes, I haven't watched television- outside of youtube and DVD sets) in... 6 years now). I also still despise Mrs. Gaskell for being so very cruel to Charlotte's family after her death. (I am joking. She was cruel, though). Some friends and I tried to read 'North and South' but gave up from boredom or frustration. But adaptations are a different thing from novels, as we know! So, the show's probably alright. And knowing how everyone loves to cry that THIS, THIS is finally what a REAL adaptation of a REAL novel is... It's probably... just like the rest?

The writer of the article gets a tip of the hat from me for the use of the word "huzzah."

And auditions are being held for a musical version of Jane Eyre at St.Ives!


kate said...

I like the design of your blog ... good luck with the thesis. Hope it's going well!

Jane Eyre said...

Hi, I'm from Argentina. I love your blog!

Merry Christmas!

Brontëana said...

Thanks Kate! It's coming along slowly but surely.

Brontëana said...

Happy holidays, Jane Eyre from Argentina! ;)

Alison said...

How was Gaskell cruel to the Bronte family?