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Thursday, May 08, 2008

No Thanks.

The news of yet another adaptation of Jane Eyre is not going down well at all, if the buzz on the internet is any indication of the novel's fanbase. There seem to be very few who are looking forward to the film with anticipation, largely because it has only been two years since the BBCs hugely popular mini series. In short, it looks like fans of the novel are full and are perfectly willing to pass on seconds. In fact, a common response is to demand an adaptation of one of the other Bronte novels: Villette, or Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Villette has become a great favourite as an alternate film project. But, unless the BBC release their old Villette mini series, we probably will not be seeing one for some time yet.

Today, the news is all about trouble in the British film industry. Like the novel's fanbase, they are none too pleased with the new film but this time, the trouble is with casting.

"No one is doubting Ellen Page's acting abilities but why a BBC movie of Jane Eyre couldn't have a British actress in the lead is pretty hard to stomach," says a 'film industry insider' in the Daily Express.

Well, it was just two years ago that the BBC made a very nice mini with British actors in the lead roles.


Kirsty said...

I'd sell my body or/and soul for an adaption of Villette. I'd even fund it myself if I had the money.

The last Jane Eyre was beautiful, why do another?

Zoe said...

Vilette is in a similar vein to JE, why ever can they not film it? I hope an adaption is made in our lifetime!

JerryJeff said...

Wouldn't James McAvoy make a great Mr. Rochester?

Anonymous said...

Uh, no. This person is being sarcastic, right?

heidenkind said...

James McAvoy as Mr. Rochester? Mmmmmmm, no, thank you. McAvoy is way too cheerful and handsome and to play Rochester.

Villette would be a great novel to do. Jane Eyre has never been done in a movie format that I felt did justice to the book, although the one directed by Alfred Hitchkock was decent.