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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, that was interesting...

Apparently Natalie Portman is out of the Wuthering Heights project:

Natalie Portman has walked out of new film ‘Wuthering Heights’.

The Hollywood actress has reportedly left movie bosses fuming after quitting her role as Cathy Earnshaw in the big screen adaptation of Emily Bronte’s classic 1847 novel, despite having “seduced” them into giving her the part.

A movie insider told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper: “It’s fair to say we were seduced by her and we should have been on our guard.”

Portman is said to have made a concerted effort to convince director John Maybury and producers Ecosse Films and HanWay Films to give her the role of Cathy, even convincing them to allow her casting approval over the choice of actor to portray her character’s lover Heathcliff.

‘Wuthering Heights’ producers refused to comment on Portman’s decision to pull out of the project.

Maybury is now looking for a new lead actress. Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley - who both star in his upcoming film ‘The Edge of Love’ - were both previously linked to the project.

That sounds pretty bizarre. If this is true, and she was so taken with the project, why give it up so soon? As an aside, I continue to find it amusing that Keira Knightley is suggested as the ideal actress- in some circles, mind you- for both Cathy and Jane. Maybe we need to have a few more actresses of substance out there to choose from? I don't know- I am still living under a pile of spiral bound notebooks.


Anonymous said...

The original article is here:

Sienna and Keira have not previously been linked with the project. That's a gossip site invention/misunderstanding.

The reason for Portman pulling out was apparently scheduling conflicts with another yet to be announced project.

I haven't seen any article or piece of commentary (this one included) suggesting that Keira Knightley was the ideal actress for either Cathy or Jane.
On the other hand I don't see why she couldn't play Cathy.

There are many talented young British actresses, but if - as the casting of Portman might indicate - they need a name which will mean something to American producers then their options are somewhat limited. Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt and perhaps Sienna Miller might do, but the rest don't yet have much of a profile over there.
So they might well go for an American again, as seem to be the norm these days.

Unless they get a really big name for Heathcliff. That would remove most of the pressure from the rest of the casting process.

Anonymous said...

That link didn't work too well.
Here's another attempt.

Brontëana said...

Shortly after Knightley's success in Pride and Prejudice, her name was thrown around as an ideal actress to play Jane. It has been a fanbase phenomenon and not mentioned in any press sources. By linked to the production, they could be referring to fanbase conjectures.

pennyforyourdreams said...

Hi Bronteana, Long time no see!

I could see either Sienna or Keira as Isabella, but not Catherine. Besides I rather snobbily dislike both actresses, but there you are. I've never liked Natalie Portman in anything since Leon either.

An actress I was impressed with in the recent-ish Mansfield Park was Hayley Atwell. She has the acting ability and is pretty but not in the obvious way that Keira and Sienna are.

Another actress who I'd like to see try it is Susannah Fielding I saw her in a theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing earlier this year and she very much held her own amongst some heavyweight actors. I'd love to see a relatively unknown actress do the part, similar to the approach taken by casting unknown Ruth Wilson in JE.

As for Heathcliff: I'm stumped. Basically you need a Marlon Brando for the 21st century, and to say the least, they are big boots to fill.

Dody Jane said...

It is time to find a new face. Frankly, I think it is a good thing Natalie Portman is gone. Really, Keira Knightley IS NOT Catherine!!! They should look to the British historical drama set and find a new face.

JDT said...

The latest movie version of 'Wuthering Heights' has a new director - Andrea Arnold ('Fish Tank'), and Gemma Arterton, who replaced Natalie Portman and Ellen Page, is no longer attached to the project herself, so Andrea Arnold is now looking for someone to play Cathy. She is likely to go for an unknown.

Johnson said...
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Johnson said...

well she is already a

she is a very popular now as an actress